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A Broker’s Recruitment Success Story

Posted March 24, 2017

OneBlue Realty

A conversation between Kevin Johnson, OneBlue Broker / Owner
& Bondilyn Jolly, eMerge Founder / CEO

BJ: The growth story behind OneBlue is really amazing, Kevin. Not only have you successfully introduced a new real estate brand into the Orlando market, you've also recruited a large number of agents in just a few months. What's your secret?

KJ: I'm very focused on the concept of building "mindshare" with my sales & marketing efforts. If I ask you what company has a green gecko as their mascot, you'd tell me Geico. Why? Well, they have done a killer job of building mindshare with you. You may not be a customer of theirs or even in the market for insurance, but when you are in need of insurance, they want you to think of them. I'm taking the same approach with what I call the 1-2-1 punch.

BJ: Great analogy. Let's dig into your 1-2-1 approach, specifically in regards to your agent recruitment.

KJ: With any lead, repeated touch points are the key to success and recruiting leads are no different. I use a combination of two fantastic solutions that, when used correctly, go hand in hand to help create the ultimate success. With eMerge, I have the ability to deliver high quality, responsive, and intelligent email marketing to the agent's inbox. These emails alone are effective, however, I also combine them with a coordinated digital marketing strategy with Adwerx, which helps me reinforce the OneBlue brand with every agent I'm targeting.

BJ: Yes, a comprehensive strategy! Love it! So, let’s imagine you've collected the contact information for a group of agents you'd like to target. Walk me through the process.

KJ: First, I import the leads into my eMerge database and launch the 30-day recruitment email campaign that you designed for me. That exact same leads are added to my Adwerx account where I simultaneously launch my social targeting campaign. Then, I create a sphere campaign that is only used to retarget those leads who have visited my recruiting website. The message on the recruiting campaign is more brand awareness driven, while the sphere campaign is more call to action driven, trying to get my prospects to book a confidential interview online.

BJ: And that’s where the 1-2-1 comes in. One, you launch your eMerge email campaign driving awareness and site traffic. Two, you launch the Adwerx social campaign for the same reasons, and then we come full circle where you retarget the top engagers hitting your website. It's a great way to narrow your lead funnels.

KJ: That's exactly it, plus it helps keep total ad spend down.

BJ: Can you fill in the blanks? For every X amount I spend in advertising, I am reaping an X roi.

KJ: It's a little tough this stage in the game to apply a cost per conversion ratio since I'm so strongly focused on building long term brand awareness along with my recruitment, but I'd say I'm averaging about a $20 roi on every $1 I spend on recruitment advertising.

BJ: Nice. No wonder you love eMerge and Adwerx so much! And I think I'm safe to say that both companies love clients who really embrace our technology and use it to their advantage.

KJ: What's great is that I get immediate, real-time feedback on my recruitment campaigns with both solutions, and then I'm able to run long-term nurturing campaigns in eMerge for agents that may not be ready to make a change today, but when they are, they will think OneBlue first.

BJ: You're just like that little green gecko.

KJ: That's a great compliment!