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The eMerge 10 Holiday Tips

Posted October 14, 2013

The holidays are fast approaching, even more-so for those of us in marketing. Did you know most marketers are planning their holiday strategy as early as July? If not, you’re probably behind the ball. So we at eMerge have put together some helpful tips to get you going in your holiday season marketing. Enjoy!
Spread Holiday Cheer (using multiple channels)
Don’t keep your online marketing one-dimensional. You have so many free channels available to you that your reach is virtually limitless. Blogs, websites, email, social media and digital content is at your disposal to spread holiday cheer to everyone!
Know Where To Go
If you can’t dedicate a lot of time to online marketing, at least know where your most important channels are. Email and online displays (ads) still dominate marketing plans because they are very effective, while marketers who are focusing on social channels are using social ads, sharing from websites and product promotions. As long as you know where you are strongest, you can begin concentrating your efforts there, then work your way into more online avenues.
Be Sure To Decorate!
It’s the holidays, so what better way to show your fans you are in the spirit than to “deck the halls” of your online channels with festive holiday cheer! Switch up your visual branding and graphics to reflect the season and let everyone know that you are ready 
Bring It Home For The Holidays (adding personal content)
Online marketing is all about building relationships, and what better way than to invite your fans into your “home.” When sending emails, include a “secret family recipe”, share pictures of yourself or staff decked out in holiday gear. You can also invite your fans to share their personal touch on your channels as well!
Make It Mobile! (optimize & location-based marketing)
Mobile is such a huge part of online marketing because virtually everyone has a smart phone. It’s such a convenient way to get quick promos, coupons and announcements out to your audience members who are on the go. Give them things they can engage with there in your physical location like QR codes, in-store redeemable promotions, or carry-in digital coupons from their email. Just PLEASE be sure that what you are sending (emails, blogs, website landing pages, etc.) is MOBILE FRIENDLY! Otherwise, what’s the point?
Try A Contest Or Two
Contests on your social channels can not only be fun, but highly engaging for your fans. It can be as basic as asking fans to send in pictures of their pets costumed in holiday décor, or simply encouraging people to Like/Share/Re-tweet/Re-pin to enter for a prize. However you do it, a contest can intrigue the our competitive nature, as well as allow you to reward faithful followers with prizes and recognition.
Show Off Your Fans
In whatever you choose to do to engage your fans, be sure you recognize them.  When people see that you go out of your way to reward, recognize or showcase others for engaging with you online, they will be much more likely to participate themselves. Just spending a minute or two thanking someone can go a long way with your brand.
Don’t Neglect The Tried & True
With all of the guides, tips, suggestions, and strategies that people are throwing around online, try not to forget the tried and true. If you have something that has worked really well in the past, by all means include it this year too!
Please Tell Me You Are Monitoring This
It is so important that you have some program, strategy, or ‘method to your madness’ in place to keep track of all of the engagement that’s going on with your online brand. Whether it’s online ads, web traffic, email opens or Facebook likes, you need to know what is working, and what isn’t, so that you are not only able to predict bigger success next year, but also be proactive with your brand in the here and now.
Follow Up
When you are (hopefully) monitoring your online brand, be sure to follow up quickly with fans who engage with you. Customer service is a huge part of your online brand, and social channels make it very easy, quick and public for you to help solve the needs and questions of your fans. Just remember that the longer you wait to help someone, the more likely they will be to go somewhere else.
The holidays are a magical time of year, and you definitely want to take advantage of the opportunities they bring. If you haven’t begun to plan out your holiday marketing strategy, then it’s time to get into gear. Pretty soon your spare minutes will be consumed with family and friends, decking the halls, and copious amounts of holiday goodies. Don’t let your holiday messages go unwritten and unsent, use these great tips to get on top of your holiday marketing game.