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Words Of Wisdom From eMerge Total Market Dominator, Isabel Carrero.

Posted May 15, 2013
Isabel Carrero on her success as a Total Market Dominator.eMerge recently connected with RE/MAX top selling agent, Isabel Carrero, to talk about her amazing success as a real estate professional. Isabel has received the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as named “Woman Of The Year” by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). Isabel was happy to share some words of wisdom for fellow professionals on her success.

Quality of Life Matters! Isabel's drive comes from her desire to constantly improve her quality of life. Therefore, financial stability has always been the main focus behind all of her business decisions. Her daily goal is to get more and more business which she states she achieves by nothing more than working hard and working smart.

Connection Counts! Isabel's advice to other real estate agents, particularly up-and-coming agents, is to keep in touch with clients on a daily basis. Past clients are great connections because they will refer you and the quality of work you provide. Most importantly? Those past clients will come back as "repeat business" so nurture and maintain those relationships.

Online Marketing Works! Isabel realizes the importance of marketing herself and maintaining relationships through social media and email. She also realizes that it takes valuable time that she could be spending on other strengths. "I use eMerge because it helps me keep in touch with past and current clients more easily and offers more opportunities to attract potential customers," states Isabel.

You can build relationships, target leads and convert opportunities with the eMerge "Total Market Dominator" program. eMerge empowers brokers and agents to take control of their online marketing success in one easy-to-use platform! Find out how when you contact us today at Getstarted@easyemerge.com or give us a call at 985.781.4471.