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In Times of Crisis, Organizations Rely on Social Technology

Posted September 4, 2012
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St. Tammany Parish GovernmentLocal government and emergency alert agencies in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans and the surrounding Southern Louisiana area relied on the eMerge platform to communicate updates and crucial announcements during Hurricane Isaac.

Plaquemines and St. Tammany Parish Governments are among the many public and private sector organizations in the hurricane impacted areas who chose eMerge to update businesses, news media and constituents throughout Louisiana to accomplish their goals of public safety, service and awareness during Hurricane Isaac.

“eMerge provided an easy and fast web, email and social delivery system for St. Tammany Parish during Hurricane Isaac,” expresses Suzanne Parsons Stymiest, Director of Cultural and Governmental Affairs for St. Tammany Parish Government,  “With a limited staff and budget, tools such as eMerge are essential to our organization’s ability to provide timely information.”

Tens of thousands of emails and social media posts were sent by government offices and agencies throughout the week of Hurricane Isaac using eMerge. Government agencies weren’t the only ones using the system, many local businesses disseminated important updates to their customers using eMerge.

“During a state of emergency [such as Hurricane Isaac] timely updates are imperative to personal safety,” states eMerge CEO Bondilyn Jolly.  “eMerge allowed many public and private sector organizations to disseminate important information quickly and easily through one platform and be confident that their message was reaching their end-users.  The eMerge platform allows us to network websites, email and social updates together to provide officials mass communication across many channels with the click of one button.”Hurricane Isaac 2012

This is not the first time eMerge has been utilized by government organizations during crisis. In 2010, the Louisiana-based company’s platform was chosen by Louisiana governments to update the public on the BP oil spill.

“Another service that eMerge provides our governmental offices and agencies after an event such as Hurricane Isaac is detailed reports of all of their online communication, how many people they reached and the virality of that messaging,” adds Jolly.  “This provides valuable feedback as to which interactive communication channels are aiding in the mass dissemination of important information and assists with shaping plans for future outreach during times of crisis.”