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Total Market Dominator Is Dominating

Posted August 6, 2012
Category Company News

Real estate professionals are recognizing average email open rates of 24%, which is 1½  times the industry standard, thanks to eMerge. This means more people are interested in what you are saying and are taking the time to open and engage with your email newsletters!

Total Market Dominator’s are also experiencing email click through rates (CTR) at six times the industry average. This means that professionals who use the eMerge platform for their marketing are getting six times the engagement as other companies and solutions are able to provide.  More engagements mean more people looking at your content and sharing your content with their sphere….which ultimately equates to increased relationships and lead opportunities for you!

Another interesting tid-bit on Total Market Dominator accounts is the average click-throughs to user’s social media channels.  YouTube and Tumblr (blog) click-throughs rank the highest, which means that real estate professionals posting consistently to these channels are driving the highest level of engagement with their users.

What’s the best thing about being a Total Market Dominator?  The results!  Our real estate professionals enjoy professional, interesting content shared weekly through email, social media and a blog without having to lift a finger!

Want to learn more about becoming a Total Market Dominator with eMerge?  No problem! Contact an eMerge Interactive Marketing Specialist today at 1-888-639-9323 or visit REALeMerge.com to request a product demo.

“I love eMerge because it saves me so much time and does the work I don’t have time to do, but need to do.  In this real estate market staying in front of my referral sources and potential new buyers and sellers is critical. My Total Market Dominator program from eMerge does it for me. It saves me money while making me money.” - Mylisa Jessen, RE/MAX Metro – Agent