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It Takes Community... You In?

Posted July 24, 2012
Category Company News
By: DAVID KIVIAHO, kiisa corporation

East St. Tammany Habitat For Humanity

As part of a 2012-2015 Long Range Plan, under the 2012 Unit Objectives, the East St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity (ESTHFH) in Slidell, LA has launched their 2012 Community Awareness Project. This project will be led by the national, Louisiana-based training and consulting firm, kiisa corporation (kiisa).

eMerge, the international North-American based technology firm, specializing in interactive online marketing solutions, will also play a vital role in this project. eMerge has provided their innovative survey platform to collect valuable participant information and assist in the overall analysis of all data gathered. The goal of this survey is to measure individual knowledge regarding the mission of the ESTHFH, and to simultaneously provide educational awareness of this affiliate’s services.

Why is a community awareness project important? In this instance, the ESTHFH provides affordable housing to individuals who are in need. Simple as that. But, what is not so simple is that some community members are unclear to the fact that the ESTHFH provides these homes to individuals who then become home owners. They (the new home owners) then enjoy the responsibilities of everything that goes with this ownership. Further, it is one of the goals of this project to raise branding awareness for the ESTHFH in hopes that new corporate and community partners will join their critical housing mission.habitat for humanity and eMerge

The ESTHFH, kiisa, and eMerge all understand the needs faced by people who live in sub-standard housing, or reside with family members, etc., in our communities. Via the efforts of organizations like the ESTHFH, people in these situations get to enjoy the pure process of homeownership from the ground up! They participate in the building of homes via sweat equity, learn financial responsibility through educational workshops, and are mentored by staff and volunteers associated with the ESTHFH in all aspects of home ownership.

Think about this for a second. Just please, stop what you are doing and think. If you are fortunate enough to have a home, how would you feel if you did not have that home to go to after a long days work? If you did not have your safe haven of rest, how do you suppose that would affect your employment opportunities, familial growth, self-esteem, and community productivity? Who would you be without a home? You would probably feel isolated, scared, worried, not sure if you could make it through another day, unworthy, helpless, even hopeless.

The ESTHFH and Habitat International understand these psychosocial issues quite well. That is why their mission states the following: “We have chosen, as a means of manifesting God’s love, to create opportunities for all people to live in decent, affordable shelter. We put faith into action by helping to build, renovate or preserve homes, and by partnering with others to accelerate and broaden access to affordable housing as a foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty.” kiisa and eMerge believe in this mission as well. So, will you help us?

Please, if you live in the eastern portion of St. Tammany parish, please go to www.esthfh.org and click on the survey. It will take less than fifteen minutes to complete. If you live outside of the parish and wonder how you can help, contact the ESTHFH and let them talk to you about the myriad of donor and volunteer opportunities available to you with their affiliate, and within Habitat International!

Give hope to someone in need of a home, and become better aware yourself! It really does take a community … are your in?